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Most Turnover Ball hitches install in under 3 hours using basic tools commonly available in your garage. For a clean installation the one "unusual" tool required would be a hole saw for the 4" round receiver hole. This can also be cut with a saber saw using a fine toothed metal cutting blade.

Plastic bed liners are normally not a problem but if yours protrudes very much above the steel truck bed the separate purchase of an extended, high rise ball may be required.

Spray in bed liners present no fit problems. If you are considering having the bed sprayed it's a good idea to wait until after the hitch is installed so the edge of the 4" hole gets coated.

The center section can usually be lifted into position by hand. If you are unable to accomplish this an overhead chain hoist or engine(cherry picker) hoist can be used.


There is a Turnover Ball hitch to fit almost every full size truck. However, when towing with a short bed pickup, turning clearance between truck and trailer must be adequate. B&W offers a 4" ball extender to move the pivot point to the rear. Always check for clearance before installing a hitch in your truck.

You can find the front to rear location of the ball in the installation instructions for your particular truck. If the instructions for your pickup are not listed below locate the correct hitch in our catalog, where you will find the installation manual.

Installation Instructions for popular Turnover Ball gooseneck hitches:

Chevy/GMC                                                                          Ford                                                                             Dodge                                                                             

Toyota Tundra

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